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India personally supports employers, employees/beneficiaries and family members at each stage of the consular processing in both employment-based and family-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applications.

We assist companies and individuals with the entire visa application process, including collection of documents, accurate preparation of visa application, providing expert advice on how to handle Consular interviews, and working directly with the appropriate Consulates.

We help visa applicants seeking business visas (B-1), tourist visas (B-2), work visas (H-1B, L-1), artists visas (P-1, P-3), dependent visas for dependents of nonimmigrants (H-4, L-2, P-4), family visas for fiancé(e)/spouse of a U.S. Citizen and their children (K visas) and many other immigration services.

A visa interview at a Consulate is often a nerve-wracking experience, especially for first-timers. As most cases are decided after a brief interview and a quick review of documents by the Consular Officer, being prepared for the interview is absolutely essential.

Our experience, knowledge of local procedures, and resultant ability to anticipate problems before they arise are all important factors in our success in assisting clients with consular processing.

VisaPro India also assists companies and businesses establish appropriate in-house processes to meet their immigration requirements, and trains HR personnel on U.S. immigration procedures so they can avoid costly mistakes while preparing visa applications for their employees.

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